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Tiffany Wilburn of Aseede

The yogi aromatherapist on her three potent essential oil combinations, her podcast-driven self-care ritual and the most effective ways to mist yourself.

Sometimes all we need is a little nudge in the right direction. After giving birth to her son in 2014, Tiffany Wilburn became hyperaware of only applying clean creams and serums on her skin, and the importance of living a healthy, conscious life. In response, Tiffany founded aseede in 2016, an aromatherapy-driven, farm-to-face skincare brand featuring essential oils, raw butters and unrefined oils. So pure and natural are her formulations that they vary batch-to-batch and present grainy textures from where unrefined butter pits have been separated from the nut meat.

Further, aseede sits within Tiffany’s broader wellness business, Living Lightly Lifestyle, a yoga and health education concept that she launched to help people manage stress better and move towards a more holistic sense of self through exercise, sound therapy, wellness workshops, and yes — aseede products.

One of her star offerings is the rosemary & cedarwood Hydration Lock Oil, which Tiffany herself uses everyday before applying her makeup. Crafted with jojoba, sweet almond and avocado oils, as well as an essential oil blend, the solution is an all-rounder; though particularly useful as a massage oil that both parties can luxuriate in. it’s also available in other essential oil combinations.

Another difference comes in the form of her healing balms which just so happen to have solid textures, not whipped. Rather than infusing air into the formulas, aseede’s version warms up between your hands and activates only then before application. And for reasons like this and more, this is what we love about consciously-made lifestyle and beauty products.

What does “aseede” mean?

All good things start from “a seede” of inspiration. A seed is the starting point of transformation, which is what my brand represents.

What is your process of growing your own plants to bottling your creations?

My entire sourcing to final product process takes two to three weeks once plants are harvested. I live in a cooler climate so I grow lavender, lemongrass etc. in bulk, then process and preserve for future use. I don’t grow all my ingredients but I love the small personal touches I am able to infuse in aseede. My healing balms are the most labour-intensive to make because I leverage a specific production technique, similar to making chocolate, that can be temperamental but it produces a superior product.

Aseede Hydration Lock Oil Apres Avant

“Early mornings are my sacred self-care ritual time.”

When using aromatherapy mists or sprays, how are they used most effectively?

aseede aroma mists are best leveraged as an eau de parfum for your body, hair and immediate environment. Misting your linens, clothing or body will help you inhale the aroma scents and truly benefit from the plants’ medicinal properties.

What are these essential oil combinations known to benefit and how are they best used?

Lavender and sage: Lavender is a wonderful natural scent that promotes deep rest and relaxation. I love it because it is gentle but powerful. The sage in my line is clary sage, which is a medicinal plant that is widely use to help regulate oestrogen levels. Many traditional over-the-counter beauty care products contain synthetic fragrances which have been known to contribute to hormone disruptions.

Rosemary and cedarwood: My rosemary and cedarwood combination is a powerful solution that helps reduce tension headaches. Rosemary is an anti-inflammatory, which is a common cause of tension headaches and cedarwood helps with circulation (among other things) which can help reduce headache symptoms.

Eucalyptus and jasmine: Eucalyptus is very clarifying for the sinuses and the mind. My eucalyptus and jasmine scent combination is cooling to the skin and it contributes to increase mental focus. It is one of my favourite aroma combinations!

Which is the one product you’re proudest of creating, and why?

I’m most proud of my healing balms. Years ago, I made an earlier version of my current rosemary & clary sage healing balm, and my friends and family fell in love with the product. It was the one thing everyone requested for holiday gifts! When anyone tries my healing balms, they are always surprised at how effective they are at healing weary, dry skin and mellowing their mood.

“When it comes to cleansing my skin, I typically use an organic oil cleanser in the winter and a foaming fruit-based cleanser in the summer.”

Aseede Healing Balm Apres Avant

Tell us about Living Lightly Lifestyle.

Living Lightly Lifestyle is my broader wellness business of which aseede is a part. I offer clients stress relief techniques to live lighter, more fulfilling lives. Through gentle and restorative yoga, aseede aromatherapy skincare, sound therapy and much more, I will help clients create healthier lifestyles.

What health need do you currently see being unmet that you help address with your clients?

Healthy stress management. Stress is the one thing we all have but desperately need less of. When you are stressed, the first likely result is your breath length shortens and your heart rate increases. When the breath length becomes shallow, it can increase blood pressure and decrease oxygen in your blood which can cause havoc in your body and mind. Have you ever gotten so stressed out that you saw tiny white stars? That is likely due to lack of oxygen in your bloodstream which can impact hearing and sight. My goal with creating aseede is to help people breathe more and worry less.

Aseede Apres Avant

What is your daily beauty routine?

I have a relatively low maintenance beauty routine and it starts with what I eat and how I sleep. I strive to get no less than six hours of sleep, which means I have to make choices with my time. I drink ACV with lemon in my eight glasses of water a day to clarify my inner organs and skin.

When it comes to cleansing my skin, I typically use an organic oil cleanser in the winter and a foaming fruit-based cleanser in the summer. I always use my aseede hydration lock oil on my face, neck and décolletage under makeup, which helps my foundation and blush glide on smoothly.

When it comes to my makeup, I prefer an organic makeup brand. It is scary how many hormone disrupting ingredients are still in conventional beauty care products and makeup. The result of these toxic products can impact fertility, cause cancerous tumours or thyroid issues.

Besides yoga and aromatherapy, do you practice any other self-care rituals?

Early mornings are my sacred self-care ritual time. I typically start the day with streaming a podcast while practicing gentle yoga or some other functional movement. I love podcasts which connect me to the broader world and inspire my natural, more conscious lifestyle. I typically enjoy a warm shower followed by a few strategic silent moments spent rubbing my aseede healing balm into my arms and legs. Touch is so healing, and when combined with a bit of pressure and aromatherapy, you can turn a normal daily activity into a self-massage and self-care moment.

“Misting your linens, clothing or body will help you inhale the aroma scents and truly benefit from the plants’ medicinal properties.”

What does conscious living mean to you?

Conscious living means maintaining a curiosity about the greater world around you and making deliberate choices based on your values.

Images courtesy of aseede