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Shubhra Sharma of CRIA

The hair care extraordinaire on growing healthy, strong hair for all and the four organic ingredients that work their scalp magic from the inside out.

She has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin. She’s an author of gender justice, women’s education and empowerment and children’s books. And now Shubhra Sharma is wearing a different hat as co-founder of CRIA, a conscious hair care brand that’s making waves with just one radical offering (for now): a Hair & Scalp Booster.

Cria has been 20 years in the making when Shubhra stumbled on a formula of sorts scribbled in her father’s diary. A formula that was, as later confirmed by her mother, the secret to healthy hair. To honour her parents, Shubhra and her co-founder, Jeremy Howell, put their heads together to refine the formula for this day and age, crafting a toxin-, gluten- and cruelty-free solution to “[empowering our] body to create more of what [we] need while fortifying what hair [we] already have”.

As a follicle energiser with the name cria, which means “create” in Portuguese, the Hair & Scalp Booster “instantly opens, cleans and nourishes closed, scarred or ungenerated follicles underneath the scalp tissues”. Shubhra herself uses it as a hair mask and booster. The miraculous mixture is also designed to enter the bloodstream through the scalp, restore the pH balance and work biologically to heal and nourish follicles. What flows after is the kind of hair that we all want, and deserve.

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What makes CRIA’s Hair & Scalp Booster unique from peer products that are also crafted from essential oils and herbs, and what kind of products can we expect from CRIA?

CRIA is unique because it contains only four organic ingredients: sesame seed oil, jaborandi, organic ethanol and lavender oil. Its patent-pending formula is 20 years in the making, discovered serendipitously in the pages of my father’s diary.

And it is not simply about hair. It is about empowering the body to create healthier hair that lasts. There is a difference. Our mission is to offer meaningful minimalist products that are carefully crafted for maximum life-affirming affects. So all our future offerings are premised on this mission — whether it’s an eyebrow roller line, men’s hair care line or a pet care line.

“If I can’t read or understand the ingredients on any bottle, I don’t use it. It’s just not worth my hair or health.”

CRIA claims that the Hair & Scalp Booster helps to “produce healthy hair, faster” and “create new hair”. How are these processes encouraged and will the product benefit follicles which are closed, scarred or have not generated a new hair in years?

CRIA’s unique formula instantly opens, cleans and nourishes closed, scarred or ungenerated follicles underneath the scalp tissues. Anything you apply on the skin, you let in. Through the scalp, CRIA enters the bloodstream, removing any toxins therein as waste and simultaneously boosting the body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate. When the body feels good, everything good follows from that, including healthy follicles/hair.

How do these four ingredients strengthen the hair to combat hair loss?

CRIA’s magic is in the patent-pending formula, and the preciseness of the proportions based on extensive research and experimentation on each of the ingredients. How Jaborandi’s powerful regenerating properties complement or enhance sesame seed oil’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties in just the right way is what makes CRIA a groundbreaking product.

We are combating hair loss by empowering the body to create healthier hair that lasts. The difference is premised on our exquisite attention to small details because details matter.

CRIA ingredients Après Avant

Does CRIA’s Hair & Scalp Booster work to neutralise toxins and rebalance the pH levels the same way for someone with a dry scalp versus someone with an oily scalp?

Yes, it does. The organic ethanol disinfects your scalp so the essential nutrients are absorbed quickly and easily deep into the scalp tissues. CRIA adapts to each scalp, its specific condition and quality. The essential oils act as super-emollients on a dry scalp. For oily scalps, the herb extracts remove any excess oil on it. CRIA is therefore perfect for removing toxins and rebalancing pH levels on any and every scalp out there!

Is the formula effective in combating scalp issues like dandruff or eczema?

Yes, it can be. CRIA has shown to remove dry patches on the scalp that cause dandruff and in turn are caused by harsh chemical-based hair products. CRIA disinfects the affected area and also moisturises it. Healing happens with every application, leading to a healthy scalp that leads to healthy hair.

We recommend testing CRIA on eczema patches on the scalp only (not on other parts of the body). CRIA will disinfect the area. An initial tingling (a sign that toxins are being neutralised) should quickly give way to a soothing, calming feeling on the scalp.

If it doesn’t and the tingling persists, then we advise against using CRIA.

CRIA Hair and Scalp Booster Après Avant

What is your favourite hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner and hair mask?

I use an unbranded small wood comb for hair. It feels good on the scalp and keeps the circulation going with every stroke. My grandmother used a similar comb and she always had luxurious hair. To me, the two became synonymous!

I also use my mother’s homemade shampoo recipe and CRIA as a hair mask and booster. I realise that keeping it simple, natural and minimalist works best for my hair. If I can’t read or understand the ingredients on any bottle, I don’t use it. It’s just not worth my hair or health. Many salon owners and barbershops use CRIA precisely for its minimalism. They know chemicals destroy your hair and health. By using CRIA instead as a cutting solution, booster or even as a conditioner after a blow dry, they are adding to the overall health and well-being of their clients.

What else can we do to grow healthy hair?

Your body needs healthy nutrition. Consuming green vegetables and fruits help boost your body’s immunity. I love blueberries and broccoli (I know!) is my favourite vegetable because both have high iron and vitamin C content which are good for your bones, skin and hair. I also meditate 30 minutes every morning to reach a place of non-thought so every thought I have after is new and fresh. Good thoughts and creative thinking boosts your immunity as well, adding to your longevity. I highly recommend finding your healthy sweet spot and make it a ritual. Your body and soul will be thankful.

Shubhra Sharma Jeremy Howell CRIA-Après Avant

What is your daily hair care routine?

I use CRIA every other day. I apply it all over my scalp quite liberally and run it through the ends of my hair. Applying CRIA before gym is my favourite thing! It protects the scalp and hair from salts in the sweat which can cause dryness and breakage. I leave it on for the duration of my workout and wash it off with shampoo after. Many times I leave it on overnight. The lavender oil in CRIA makes me sleep better and a good, restful sleep does wonders for the body and for the hair.

I also use a custom-made CRIA headband to prevent any trickle effect. With CRIA, more and often is better because it contains zero chemicals and has zero side-effects. I believe no other hair or wellness product can claim that!

“We are combating hair loss by empowering the body to create healthier hair that lasts.”

What does conscious living mean to you?

It means paying attention to what your body is saying, knowing what that means, and then finding exactly what will make it better, naturally. If you can’t find exactly what you need, create it. That’s what my parents did with CRIA. On their behalf, I offer CRIA as one of the essentials to living life consciously and honestly.

Images courtesy of CRIA