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Scott Linde of Sun Potion

The superfood consummate on the chemistry between plant foods and our bodies, and feeling the effects of transformational herbs.

If you haven’t been living under the proverbial rock, you would have come across — or at least heard of — the “transformational foods” company, Sun Potion. Specifically, you must have seen their blue and purple glass jars branded with gold foil stickers that shout out words like “Reishi”, “He Shou Wu” and “Rhodiola”.

Founded in the early 2010s by Scott Linde, Sun Potion was one of the first to bottle and pack powdered medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs in the hopes of enabling people to “feel good” physically, emotionally — and any other way possible. All one had to do was remember to consume a dollop of goodness every day in their morning smoothie, afternoon tea or in their on-the-go water bottle, and the results promised to be amazing: glowing skin, balanced hormones, stronger immunity, higher sex drive… the list goes on. The understanding from those who know best is if you’ve got a problem — skin, system or otherwise — Sun Potion has an herb for that.

Almost a decade later, Sun Potion is growing from strength to strength, adding more and more offerings to its line-up (skincare!) and reaching more and more consumers’ shelves. Driven by Scott’s belief that plants have unlimited healing powers for humans — if we only allow them in to or on our bodies — his arsenal to flourish is, in a sense, endless.

As luck — or mother nature — would have it, the “information” that plants possess to speak directly to all the different parts of our body is not found in everything else we eat. Be it an organic, local or vegan diet. So with Sun Potion doing all the hard work for us, what’s to stop you from nourishing and beautifying yourself this way?

“Transformational foods — these plant materials — could be considered consumable or ingestible beauty products because they’re helping to support, circulate and modulate the body’s systems and the person’s life force to be both more robust and more adaptable.”

How did you come up with the name “Sun Potion” and what does it mean?

Nearly eight years ago, the name “Sun Potion Transformational Foods” came to life while playing an intentional word game with two friends. The company was birthed immediately after in February 2011. The wings themselves are a universal, humanist symbology for evolution and embodiment. The name and the wings are a perfect fit. The combination of the blue and purple glass packaging with the golden solar branding is meant to help customers understand that the contents of the jar are powerful and also precious.

Sun Potion Après Avant

What do you want people to know about transformational foods?

In my experience, these are herbs that are meant to build the circuitry in your system and make it easier for one’s higher self to inhabit their body. Another way of looking at it is that these plant materials could be considered consumable or ingestible beauty products because they’re helping to support, circulate and modulate the body’s systems and the person’s life force to be both more robust and more adaptable. We’re basically getting plant chemistry that helps support our internal body environment that can then be reflected out through the skin, eyes, hair and fingernails. There are probably 100 other ways that we could talk about them.

It’s really fun to hear people’s feedback when they have personal, sensory experiences with Sun Potion Transformational Foods, tonic herbs, nature and themselves. If a person is reading about these for the first time, or just starting to get interested in them, please consider this an invitation to try the products and see for yourself what all your friends are giving into.

What kind of effects or “shifts” did you feel when you first started consuming superfoods, herbs and medicinal plants?

First off, I’d had a few years under my belt drinking very large fruit- and vegetable-based smoothies with a lot of different, complicated superfood ingredients and blends added. One day I found myself wanting to have a simpler, cleaner and more direct experience with what I was putting in my body.

In my life, I’ve always been very particular about the quality of things, people and places I aim to surround myself with, and in the ways I want to experience life. Over time, I learned that what worked best for my body — and is now reflected in the products of the brand — are single ingredient, best quality, bioavailable, concentrated extracts of tonic herbs, adaptogens and other plants. These materials could easily be added to my morning tea or to other water-based warm or cool drinks that I’d have to start my day.

The biggest result I had when I started ingesting this calibre of tonic herbs on a consistent basis every day over time was that I felt more alive. I felt happier, I felt more passion in my life, I felt level of creativities that I hadn’t been used to in the past and I felt more in my body. I noticed a significant evolution in my personal discernment and intuition. There is a reason we say, “we want you to feel amazing.” It’s that, basically. I feel amazing when I eat these herbs and we get feedback from others that they similarly love Sun Potion’s products.

How can we find out which powders we need to consume?

They are all by effect, so, if you think first of what you want to support in your body, you can then choose which herbs you want to use to help support this. For instance, if a person was doing CrossFit and really intense workouts, they may want something to help their torn tissues recover more quickly. They could take eucommia bark, which is great for recovery, joints, sinew, and elastic tissues in the body. A quick review of our website would help the person learn this and more on our eucommia product page.

For those who are new to Sun Potion, what are the first three products they should buy?

The first two Sun Potion herbs that I first fell in love with and have been a big part of the brand’s success were mucuna pruriens and reishi mushroom. Mucuna pruriens nourish healthy dopamine levels and its 15 per cent L-dopa extract concentration serves as the immediate chemical precursor to dopamine in the neurotransmitter cascade. Basically, this herb helps elevate the mood and soothe the nervous system.

Reishi mushroom is a restorative, soothing, immune-supportive mushroom and is among the most studied and revered in longevity and adaptability herbs. More recently, I would recommend Yin Power. This is a restorative, nurturing blend of some of our favourite tonic herbal extracts which may help to cultivate energy in the body, radiance and overall health.

Yin Power Sun Potion Après Avant

These three products can be taken individually or in fact all together, as a simple addition to one’s morning wellness ritual. If a person doesn’t have one of these, these herbs can serve as a great way to start. A half teaspoon of each can be added to a morning tea, juice, latte or potion as an easy way to step into a great day.

What are three of your favourite ‘go-to’ recipes for someone new to powders?

  1. Just take room temperature water add one or two herbs. Drink.
  2. Make a cup of water soluble warm beverage, for instance tea or coffee, then add half a teaspoon of one to three different herbs. Stir and drink.
  3. Add the hot tea or coffee base plus herbs, plus a healthy fat, such as coconut milk, coconut oil, MCT oil, ghee etc. to a blender and blend, then drink. This makes a latte version.

I personally don’t prefer sweets, so at Sun Potion we don’t add it to any of our products. If you do, it’s easy to add a local honey or maple syrup to taste.

“When I started ingesting this calibre of tonic herbs on a consistent basis, I felt more alive. I felt happier, I felt more passion in my life, I felt level of creativities that I hadn’t been used to in the past and I felt more in my body.”

What are the benefits of taking powders as opposed to pills?

The goal is to have people start relating to these herbs as things that they ingest as a part of their daily program. And personally, I don’t like taking pills. When I started getting into tonic herbs, I wanted to see them, smell them, taste them and have direct contact with them so that’s why we offer powders. Because we want people to be able to experience these herbs in a way that’s inclusive of as many of their senses as possible.

What is your daily grooming routine?

I shower daily using an Omica shower filter. After bathing, I love to use Sun Potion Shea Butter Skin Food. This is the best example of the wonderful shea butter material I’ve ever seen. It is light and fluffy, and an excellent dry oil for nourishing the skin deeply. I’ve been using this material since before starting Sun Potion.

I cleanse and moisturise my face with Living Libations’ Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever elixir. After moisturising, I hydrate my whole body with Sun Potion’s Solar Rose Water Beauty Mist. This is actually going to be a new product released later this summer.

Scott Linde_Sun Potion_Après avant

I also dry brush once a week. I am really fortunate to live somewhere that is sunny almost all year round and spending time in the sun is an important part of my daily wellness and grooming ritual.

Lastly, what does conscious living mean to you?

This is an amazing time on the planet. Participate in the shift. Be involved, be engaged, be of service, be adaptable to changes and listen out for any kind of mission or guidance as to how you can best show up to be a part of life right now.

Having Sun Potion on a daily basis is an opportunity for a person to experience and connect with and learn about plants and nature in a way that can be really meaningful. There are practices in farming and agriculture right now that could have a huge impact on the restoration of our planet. Take time to learn about topics like regenerative agriculture and limiting the kinds of waste our negative influences have had on the earth so that we can be happier, healthier, more engaged versions of ourselves. These are the kinds of things I’m working on to live a more conscious life.

Images courtesy of Nancy Neil Photography; Sun Potion