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Rebecca van Hove

The Dutch-Chinese model on her skin and hair care regimes, the wonders of meal prepping and why watching what she eats is not just about staying in shape.

With social media as an integral part of our daily lives now, it’s only natural that we’d make friends through the platforms we use. From follower to IRL friend, this is how we got to know Rebecca van Hove.

Unlike the other thousands of models posing and posting on Instagram, Rebecca’s feed stood out to us in its authenticity. Truth be told, campaign images and bikini ‘grams are a dime a dozen, while practiced angles and top-down shots are no longer exclusive tricks employed by those in the trade. That’s why the Dutch-Chinese model’s photos, which offer a peek into her everyday life with friends, family (her younger sister, Stephanie is her best friend and also a model) and of course, of herself, are different in their unfiltered, this-is-what-my-life-is-really-like way.

In one snap, the 23-year old is sipping a coconut, barefaced and barefoot. Her surroundings wouldn’t qualify as Instagram-worthy. But she’s smiling with her eyes closed. In another, Rebecca holds her hand up to cover her face while the photographer gets a candid shot of her with a fork raised halfway in the air. Again, her surroundings don’t say much. Instead, the focus is on her.

Sure, models do sometimes share glimpses of their personal lives. But even if they do, the portrayal of themselves still suggests a sense of precision and perfection that Rebecca doesn’t strive for. There are numerous photos of her walking arm in arm with her sister. And more of her exploring new places around the world. Her love for art is also evident (she studied graphic design in Amsterdam). 

In a social world where everywhere we look, people are trying to be something and chasing another thing altogether, Rebecca’s wholesomeness and awareness of who she is is refreshing. She’s conscious, not just in the way she carries herself, but more beautifully, in how she does so. And she doesn’t even seem to know it.

“Everything shall pass, so enjoy every single moment because that moment will never come back.”

How did you get into modelling, what are some highlights and what are you working on next?

When I was 15, an agency scouted me on the streets in Amsterdam. Back then, I was still a little shy and was scared to travel the world by myself. It just wasn’t my time yet, so that’s why I wanted to finish school and grow up a bit more. Looking back now, it was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At 19, I was all ready to travel. I grew up, had my degree and was a lot more outgoing. I found a wonderful agency called Helena Models and they helped me to get where I am today. For almost three years now, I’ve been working as a full-time model and still love everything about it.

There are so many different campaigns, commercials and editorials that were high peaks in my career. My cover for Singapore’s HerWorld magazine June 2016 issue is one of them for sure. I’ve also worked with Timberland, ASOS and many more great brands.

For the future, I’m planning to go to New York to give it a shot in the Big Apple. It’s time for me to try something new. Life is all about taking risks. If you never take a risk, you’ll never achieve your dreams.

What is a typical day, and week like for you?

I never really have a typical day or week. That’s what I love most about modelling. But if I had to describe a day in my life, it would be waking up, having a big bowl of oats layered with fruits and cinnamon, then going to castings or a job. After that I’d do a workout or some Pilates, swimming or yoga; depending what I’m in the mood for. Then I’d go out for dinner with friends or cook myself because I like to know exactly what I eat.

Rebecca van Hove for apres avant

“In these times, people are comparing themselves so much with others on social media”, Rebecca says

What are your skincare and hair care regimes?

Travelling, wearing lots of makeup on a daily basis and having a pretty hectic lifestyle doesn’t really help to keep my skin breakout-free. I tried many products but for a long time, I was never able to find a routine that fit my skin type. I began to notice that using many products were causing me to have more breakouts. But I’m very glad that now I’ve found an easy skincare routine where I don’t have to apply different chemicals on my face.

My current skincare routine only takes about 15 minutes. First thing in the morning, I reach for my Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. It’s cheap and you can probably find it in any drugstore. I swear by this product. It cleared up my skin so well and it feels so refreshing after using it. I wet my hands a little, press one pump onto my fingers and make circular movements over my face to get rid of all the oils and dirt. Then I take a towel and wash it off with warm water.

After cleansing my face, I use Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè. Probably all makeup artists and models swear by this product because it’s so gentle and soft on the skin. I massage this onto my face and neck so it’s moisturised all day.

Whenever I’m in a warm, sunny country, I like to use oil-free sunblock on my face. As a model, you can’t get too tanned, so I always wear sunblock.

For my hair, I always swear by coconut oil. I use it anywhere and anytime to keep my hair shiny.

What about your in-flight skincare routine?

It’s very important to keep your skin hydrated on the plane. That’s why I always travel with makeup wipes, Innisfree sheet masks (my favourites are cucumber and Aloe vera) and my Embryolisse cream. Before I sleep, I always use these products to feel clean and hydrated.

What is your fitness regime and do you have any favourite workouts?

I am addicted to working out. It makes me feel so energised and good about myself. I always try to squeeze in a good workout in the morning. After a bowl of oats and coffee, I go to the gym. If I have a lot of time, I start off with stretching and cardio, like running, biking or swimming. After that I’d do some leg workouts and 20 minutes of abs.

Pilates and ballet exercises are the best way to get long and lean muscles. I always do three rounds of 15 or 20 reps per exercise. Try to set goals before you start your workout so you won’t feel tempted to give up and not complete the entire workout!

“Pilates and ballet exercises are the best way to get long and lean muscles.”

Being a model is a stressful job. How do you practice self-care on a daily basis when you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

Modelling can be super stressful sometimes. You can almost never plan anything because castings or jobs can come up at any time! I like practicing meditation and yoga. It helps me to breathe and calm down. It sounds strange but another thing that really helps me clear my head is to organise and clean my home. Clean space, clear mind right?

What is your diet like?

Watching what I eat is very important to me, not only because I have to stay in shape but also because it makes me feel a lot more energised and good about myself. I start my day with some warm lemon water, a bowl of oats with fruits and a black coffee to feel awake. Then I head to the gym for a good workout and have a whey protein shake after.

For lunch, I like to make a wrap with loads of veggies or I cook several vegetables with sweet potatoes. I don’t consider myself fully vegetarian but I am trying to cut out meat as much as I can. For my health, but also for the animals and environment.

I’m trying to cut out carbs for dinner, so I eat loads of veggies or salads. I do have to be creative with different recipes, but I love cooking and trying out different types of dishes.

How do you balance a jet-setting life and healthy living?

Meal prepping! Think ahead of what you’re going to eat for lunch and snacks. I’m always on the go and it’s nice to have my own food.

As someone who lives in the public eye, what kind of role model do you aspire to be?

To let girls know that you shouldn’t be afraid to be unique. Be proud of the person you are and stop comparing yourself to others. You’re beautiful and don’t let others stop you from doing what you love!

In these times, people are comparing themselves so much with others on social media. Everyone wants to be creative and show themselves in the best way possible. But we have to remember that everyone has flaws and that’s what makes you perfect.

What’s your ultimate dream in life?

To always love and be loved. That’s everything I could ever ask for.

What does conscious living mean to you?

Everything shall pass, so enjoy every single moment because that moment will never come back.

The Dutch-Chinese model is a self-confessed gym buff

Images courtesy of Rebecca van Hove; Andre Pohllan; Regina Miracle