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Pip Summerville of TONIK

The crusader of organic supplements on finding her niche in the health industry and the one thing about wellness pills that most people don’t know.

If you’ve ever considered knocking back not-so-great tasting fluids for the sake of health and wellness, but could never bring yourself to pinch your nose, cringe and just go for it, Australian supplements company, TONIK has you covered.

Convenient, chicly bottled and in capsule form, founder Pip Summerville has put on all the bells and whistles on a centuries-old wellness practice that actually makes you want to pop these bad boys. The pill bottles even come in pocket sizes and resemble flasks that one might pour a different kinda tonic in.

Made from 100 per cent apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and curcumin, the health benefits range from a healthy gut to upping healthy cholesterol levels by converting the “bad” cholesterol into good. TONIK’s curcumin version, for instance, is chockfull of the spice’s active compound, BCM-95 curcumin, making it potentially more bioavailable than normal curcumin.

If only every healthy habit were this easy to adopt!

Tonik Supplements Apres Avant

Why supplements, and what is unique about TONIK’s version?

TONIK was launched due to the lack of availability on the market of the simplest yet often most effective natural elixirs/food supplements. While most supplements can be found in your supermarket or local store, we wanted to bring a convenience factor to the health industry.

When should TONIK’s capsules be taken, and what types of food help best with absorption?

Just before food with a glass of water.

What is the recommended daily intake for each?

Two capsules twice daily. Curcumin is only one capsule twice daily.

“Our biggest focus originally and moving forward is to bring a convenience factor to the health industry by making natural elixirs available on a daily, no fuss basis.”

Tonik supplements on Apres avant
Tonik for Apres Avant

Besides TONIK, what are your other supplement must-haves?

I used to take a multivitamin but now I don’t feel like I need it. Of course, with any specific dietary requirements and/or health professional advice, everyone should listen to their health guru and pop accordingly.

How long have you been popping supplements and how have they personally benefited you?

I have been taking TONIK since 2016 when we were testing and trialling the products. I switched from having a shot of apple cider vinegar each morning to two capsules, and noticed no change or loss of benefits from consuming the vinegar.

How does the ingredient E171 within each capsule work, and what are your thoughts on the exposure of titanium dioxide nanoparticles when it’s taken orally?

To clarify, the titanium dioxide used in TONIK capsules is an approved material for use in food products and in pharmaceuticals. It is not nanoparticle size but much larger. It is regarded as an inert, non-toxic substance by the relevant regulatory bodies as it is not absorbed across the gut wall.

What conscious lifestyle habits do you practice?

Keeping an active healthy lifestyle and making sure that each day I have “offline” time. I am also a vegetarian but this is by choice and just something I chose to pursue as I feel the health benefits are suitable for my lifestyle.

Beyond TONIK, what do you hope to achieve as an ambassadress of health and wellness?

We aim to bring a well-balanced, healthy approach to diet and exercise. Our biggest focus originally and moving forward is to bring a convenience factor to the health industry by making natural elixirs available on a daily, no fuss basis.

What is one thing about supplements that you wish people knew that most don’t already know?

Understanding the ingredients and the absorbability. At TONIK, we only use organic ingredients using sustainable resources sourced internationally.

What does conscious living mean to you?

Living a healthy, active lifestyle and being aware that anything you do or consume affects your health and well-being.

Pip Summerville of Tonic for Apres Avant

Images courtesy of TONIK