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The Reasons Why You Need to Start Drinking Rosewater Now

The holistic benefits of the floral tonic are more than skin deep.

There is arguably no beauty water more healthful than rosewater. Tales tell of the Romans as the first to classify and document it as a cure for ailments. Others credit the discovery and distillation of rosewater to a Persian chemist by the name of Avicenna, which led to its commercial use. And another more romantic story attributes the origin to an empress who noticed rose oil droplets on a fountain during a walk in the imperial gardens. She realised that when touched, the droplets left an oily residue on her hands and smelled wonderful.

For centuries, rosewater has been used for topical beauty purposes and its skincare benefits are endless:

– It cools and cleanses
– It has antioxidant properties to tackle signs of ageing
– It is anti-inflammatory to soothe irritation
– It is anti-bacterial to target problematic skin
– It can tone skin and tighten pores due to its astringent characteristics
– Its smell is refreshing and stimulating
– It maintains the skin’s pH balance
– It’s hydrating and nourishing

But most of us hadn’t given much thought to drinking rosewater. Until now.

The logic was simple enough: in some way or form, now or before, we’ve all enjoyed rosewater in our skincare products. But as we get more conscious of the fact that we feed our skin with the creams and cleansers we apply and — as the saying goes — we are what we eat, it was only a matter of time before we looked to rosewater as an ingestible beauty product.

And its internal benefits are equally impressive:

– It has vitamins A and E for antioxidant power
– It has vitamin C for protein and maintaining healthy tissues
– It has vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium
– It even has vitamin B3 which can help lower cholesterol
– It has flavonoids to aid with inflammation
– Possessing anthocyanins, it offers anti-viral benefits
– Like it does for skin, rosewater cleanses your internal system and rids your body of toxins (thanks to glycosides)
– Rich in fibre and water content, it contains compounds to promote a healthy digestive system
– It can also have a bronchodilator effect to help keep respiratory issues in check and fed off colds, flu and sore throats
– It is known to boost weight loss efforts by improving your metabolism

Let’s not forget that while not scientifically proven, enjoying the smell and refreshing taste of a rosewater drink can lift your spirits and provide a pick-me-up.

Chanelle Louise, founder of CILK whose one and only product to date is a rose extract  says: “Just as rosewater cleanses the skin when applied topically, when taken internally the anti-inflammatory properties aid the digestive system which has a direct effect on clearing the skin.”

So if you’re reaching for a glass of water, why not make it rosewater? To begin cultivating beauty from within, discover here.


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