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Meaghan See

The fitness devotee on settling into the right headspace, her advice for beginners and embodying beauty and brains.

On weekdays, Meaghan See chases the dawn every morning with a workout before most of us have hit the snooze button on our alarms. After work, she teaches HIIT barre classes at WeBarre or indoor cycling sessions at Anthem before powering down. On weekends, Meaghan fills her mornings with classes, followed by personal workouts in the afternoons. “During the day, I can’t keep still. For me, day chilling is going for a yoga class,” she says. It’s exhausting just thinking about it, isn’t it?

But being a fitness buff — and PUMA Ambassador — is only one side of Meaghan. She’s also a full-time corporate lawyer (with a Masters degree from UC Berkeley) and Community Ambassador of The Busy Woman Project. Furthermore, we’ve known her as a friend for some years now, and we’ve observed that she values her family and personal relationships just as fiercely. “We celebrate every special occasion together, and try to go on family holidays at least once a year. Sunday dinners at home is a ritual where everyone gets together, and sometimes my brothers, our plus ones and I cook up a feast to end the weekend,” she says. Meaghan also attributes her active and healthy lifestyle to her grandmother, who also happens to be her heroine.

If Meaghan’s life sounds full, that’s because it is. But it’s another thing altogether to make the most of every day with the right attitude — and to keep at it. What inspires us most about Meaghan is her demeanour. She also always seems to have a wide, megawatt smile on her face (if you’ve ever met her, have you observed that she constantly seems to be glowing?). Everyone has bad days, we’re sure, but Meaghan’s energy and positivity is both alluring and affecting. Even when we’ve put ourselves through the wringer in one of her barre classes, Meaghan’s patient and encouraging approach to us — and anyone who is feeling their way through a personal fitness journey — is gently motivating.

But as we’re aware, living a balanced, well-rounded life also means having guilty pleasures. ‘Netflix and chill’ is a frequent indulgence of Meaghan’s on Friday and Saturday nights. She also loves snacking on dark chocolate and savours the occasional drink. “Balvenie 12 is my go-to. If I feel like a cocktail, it’d be an old-fashioned,” she says.

She’s a girl after our own hearts.

“Body confidence means being comfortable in your skin and being able to accept and embrace the way your body is; knowing that there’s nothing wrong in admiring beauty, but also knowing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.”

How did your love for fitness come about, and how has your relationship with physical well-being evolved through the years?

I have always been active since my primary school years, from doing gymnastics and playing ten-pin bowling as co-curricular activities, to gradually adding running, yoga and strength training to my routine.

My love for fitness has definitely evolved from one of necessity to achieve the best outcomes in competitions, to one of necessity in my daily life to be in the best shape, both mind and body, to get through each day the best way I can.

As a fitness instructor at WeBarre and Anthem, what do you get the greatest satisfaction from?

My greatest satisfaction comes in knowing that someone walks away from my class feeling sufficiently worked out yet at ease, whether it’s before work in the morning or in the evenings after a long workday. I know the immense effort it takes to get to class in the evenings and more so early in the mornings; so for each class I teach, I make sure it’s the kind of class I’d want to wake up for or rush from work to.

I’d walk away from a class feeling good only if I know I made at least one person feel that much lighter to start or end the day. And just a simple “thank you” with genuine smiles from my students makes my day.

As we all know, sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to workout. What do you do when you feel this way, and how do you get into the right headspace to give your all in every class?

I’d think forward to how good I’d feel after my workout is over and get on with it. A workout never fails to make me feel so much better than before I started.

To get myself into the right headspace, I need to get my body in the right space as well — whether it means a quick warm-up on my own or getting a few minutes on the bike before I let riders in.  I’ve come to realise that my mind and body are so interlinked that as long as one is in the right space, the other will naturally come along.

What is a typical day like for you?

On the weekdays, my first alarm goes off at 5.40am, after which I’d snooze till about 5.50am (on my lazy mornings, till 6am). I’d either go for a run or do a workout at home — or a combination of both for about 40 minutes and that would get me ready to start the day. I’d get to work by 8.30am and if I can squeeze a short workout during lunch, I’d do that. The gym I go to, TripleFit is pretty near my office and the lunchtime classes there are so efficient that they’d get me through the rest of the day in the office. In the evenings, depending on the day, I’d either have my classes to teach, chill with friends or go for an occasional yoga class.

On the weekends, morning classes usually ensure that I don’t sleep too late the night before. And then it’s R&R after!

What does body confidence mean to you?

Body confidence means being comfortable in your skin and being able to accept and embrace the way your body is; knowing that there’s nothing wrong in admiring beauty, but also knowing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And obviously, that you are beautiful as well.

Meaghan See Webarre

“My love for fitness has definitely evolved from one of necessity to achieve the best outcomes in competitions, to one of necessity in my daily life to be in the best shape, both mind and body.”

What are some of your favourite activewear brands, and what do you love about them?

Michi and Daiquini for the way their pieces feel when you slip them on. I’d wear their tights all day if I could. I actually use my Michi tights all the time when I travel!

I also love Puma, especially their collaboration pieces like the Puma x Careaux, Puma x Sophia Webster, and of course Puma x Fenty collections. They are such sleek, elegant and fun designs. And their sneakers are definitely worth lusting over!

Then there’s the high-impact bras from the Victoria’s Secret Sports collection, which offer awesome support for intense workouts. And of course, Nike for their tight, high-waisted leggings!

What is your advice to someone who wants to, or has just started a fitness routine?

Try everything that sounds appealing to you. It’s so important to enjoy your workout so that you keep wanting to go back to it, whether it’s everyday or every other day. Start slow and then gradually ramp up as and when you feel your body is ready. You don’t want to burn out and lose interest too early on!

What are some diet rules you live by?

I actually don’t have strict diet rules — other than the fact that I’m a vegetarian. It’s bad sometimes but I usually eat whatever I want. It helps that I naturally like my vegetables and fruits but I’ve such a sweet tooth and I love bread, so I think my diet is pretty balanced!

I try to have dinners at home on the weekdays just so I don’t stay out too late. Home-cooked food is always the best anyway!

Do you take any supplements or superfoods?

I actually don’t take too many supplements other than daily acai supplements because of its high antioxidant content and overall health benefits. I’ve recently started taking multivitamins so I’ve yet to see its effects. As for superfoods, I don’t consciously seek them out either. Once in awhile an acai berry smoothie or bowl is awesome, but I tend to think that my lifestyle and diet is sufficient to keep me charged up!

Are you excited about any new workouts or exercise classes?

It’s not new per se but I have yet to try calisthenics because the class timings never seem to work out for me. I’d love to add that into my routine because its pure bodyweight fitness and strength, and is something I can take with me everywhere, especially when I travel.

Your skin is amazing! Besides taking care of yourself, keeping fit and eating well, what are three of your favourite skincare products?

Thanks! I tend to rotate my skincare products as my skin gets used to a product if I use it for too long. The effects then don’t show as well as before. My favourite go-to products so far are the Allies of Skin 1A™ Overnight Mask, Akar Skin Lush Balance Toning Mist and Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask.

What does conscious living mean to you?

It means making everyday decisions deliberately instead of by accident or lack of choice, and by listening to what your body or mind is telling you to do. It means planning in advance so you don’t end up rushing to get to places and in the process, losing your focus. It means having goals set up for your day, week, month or year and living your days with those goals in mind, as well as consciously setting out to achieve them step by step.

Meaghan See for Apres Avant

Meaghan at the barre studio where she teaches

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