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Kat Burki of Kat Burki Beauty

The raw beauty evangelist on pioneering formulating technologies that other conscious brands have followed, what happens when you skip skincare and if there’s such a thing as applying too much product.

Think of a skincare line that takes the best of what dermatology, health and nutrition have to offer. Synergise all three into beauty products. And there you have it: the Kat Burki collection.

With her eponymous brand tagline “Raw Beauty”, it follows that no ingredient has been heated over 120°F to preserve its structural integrity and natural benefits, while all the oils used are cold-pressed — which allows for antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients to retain maximum effectiveness. All formulations are also compounded, meaning no fillers, water or alcohol has been used. Celebrities and models like Alexa Chung, Georgia Fowler, Olivia Culpo, Julianne Moore and Behati Prinsloo are just five of Kat’s fans.

The brand’s range is also unusually extensive — from standard skincare solutions, to tools and even perfume. That’s in part to Kat’s vision of her launches from day one. As one of the first to use cold-pressed technology, she was also the first to create America’s first pressed serum. Incredibly smart about skincare, her background as a healthcare lawyer, her education in nutrition and her experience working side by side scientists and epidemiologists have, indeed, worked as synergistically as her award-winning products.

What are your top three products, and how are they unique in their categories?

Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream — There has been a lot of C face creams that came out after the popularity of ours. Ours still remains unique in that is lightweight and the unique ingredient deck allows for an instant radiance that cannot be replicated.

Form Control Marine Collagen Gel — This is very exceptional as it works as an instant fine line filler as well as in assisting in your own collagen production over time.

PH+ Enzyme Essence — This product protects the skin by creating a perfect PH level of the skin while providing a unique blend of fruit enzymes for a slight exfoliation.

Why is your Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream so revered?

I believe it is so revered because it’s lightweight and the results are immediate. It grew first through makeup artists’ word of mouth as it’s fabulous under makeup and gives an instant runway glow.

The brand was one of the pioneers in employing the use of formulating technologies that have, today, become industry standards. One example is the cold processing method. How did you know that these processes were going to become the norm?

Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream Après Avant

I do not know whether they will become the norm as many lines are established in their ways and switching to alternative formulating technologies may not be worth it to them. However, I do think the customer will create a demand that, at the very least, will require brands to relook at old outdated strategies.

Tell us more about Rovisome and the Gotu Kula ingredients.

We chose Rovisome™ as our retinol due to intensive clinical studies for both its less abrasive qualities and in its ability to sink into deeper skin layers where healing begins.

We use Gotu Kola in our KB5™ herbal blend due to its anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.  It is known as the “fountain of life” in Chinese folklore. We like to start most decks off with an anti-inflammatory base so that the skin is not inflamed; allowing it to be more receptive to bringing in the rest of the ingredients in the deck.

“Most people who do not use skincare products will have, at the very least, dehydrated skin. It’s just impossible not to have that problem in the environment we live in.”

Kat Burki KB5 Calming Gel Cleanser Après Avant

Kat Burki Beauty offers three skincare collections for the face: Essential Radiance, Advanced Anti-Aging and Complete B Repair. What are the key differences between each and which skin types are they best suited for?

Essential Radiance — Includes the “5 Steps to Healthy Skin”. It’s best for everyday usage for all skin types. For even skin tone and a radiant complexion, the essentials fulfill all your skincare needs for youthful, healthy looking skin.

Advanced Anti-Aging — Targeted preventive and corrective treatments. It’s best for preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Clinically proven, it has targeted anti-ageing treatments to combat the signs of ageing. It also corrects and protects for the ultimate in maximum beauty.

Complete B Repair — Intense skin repair, detox and rejuvenation. The collection is best for ultra-repairing and reversing the signs of ageing. The Complete B line brings you a comprehensive B vitamin complex for the most dramatic reduction in the effects of ageing on the skin. This powerhouse activates amino acid building blocks to repair and maintain skin’s health and vitality.

With so many conscious beauty brands on the shelves, how can consumers narrow down the right ones for them?

Know what work for you. Read the ingredient decks and avoid chemicals and essential oils in skincare, then start looking for vitamins and healthy oils as a start. You should be seeing a variety of healthy ingredients rather than just one surrounded by ingredients that do not add any strength to the formula. The rest is simply trial.

What is your response to people who don’t use skincare products but appear to have fairly good but lacklustre skin — people like most men?

I think they should get a good cleanser and at least a really good moisturiser to see what a difference it can make. Most people who do not use skincare products will have, at the very least, dehydrated skin. It’s just impossible not to have that problem in the environment we live in.

Tell us about your daily skincare routine, and any other brands that you love.

My daily skincare routine includes cleansing with our Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm, followed by the PH essence, our Goji Essence and then moisturising with our complete Bio Correcting Face Crème. There is no other skincare brand that I use. However, I love RMS makeup!

Kat Burki Goji Essence Après Avant

“As a start, read the ingredient decks and avoid chemicals and essential oils in skincare, then start looking for vitamins and healthy oils.”

Is there such a thing as applying too much product?

The skin will absorb what it needs. Anything above and beyond will sit on the skin and will require removal which creates waste. Many individuals believe more acids, more retinol etcetera is better, but in reality, too much can cause moderate to severe skin irritation. In this instance, yes, too much is not a good outcome.

What does conscious beauty mean to you?

Being conscious of what you are putting on your skin for the sake of beauty. The optimum result is a state of health and wellness as it relates to beauty.

Images courtesy of Kat Burki