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Personal time with the industry leaders of conscious living and beauty
Have your questions answered by your favourite brands and learn about the world of naturals in inspiring ways.

Nicole Dean of KOLLO

The tea sommelier on the KOLLO farming and brewing processes, how she likes her tea and how to determine the right temperature and time to brewing different types of tea.

Madeleine Whitter of Ayu

The scent designer on how doshas influence essential oil blends, her advice for those who are new to pure perfumes and why sandalwood is an essential ingredient.

Yoel Vaisberg of Haielle

The hair care entrepreneur on merging safe-synthetic ingredients with natural compounds and why a healthy scalp and hair routine should not be the last thing on your mind.

Shubhra Sharma of CRIA

The hair care extraordinaire on growing healthy, strong hair for all and the four organic ingredients that work their scalp magic from the inside out.

Tully Humphrey of Tully Lou

The millennial fitness hustler on her number one activewear pet peeve, the joys of working out everyday and her favourite beauty and exercise venues in her home base of Melbourne.


Step into the world of conscious living.

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