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Dr Martin Giniger and Jonathon Anderson of Carbon 6 Lab

The men behind an all-natural activated charcoal liquid toothpaste on how to get that stunning smile.

You may have come across “activated charcoal” in some of your favourite natural beauty products, including Kaia Naturals’ Takesumi Detox Deodorant (one of our favourites!). But did you know that it’s used in toothpastes too?

Carbon6Lab’s all-natural toothpaste, created by Dr Martin Giniger and Jonathon Anderson — who had the idea of the product back in 2015 — is one of a kind. The carbonised paste is initially surprising, due to its liquid-like texture and pitch black colour. But it looks and feels exactly like how it was designed to be.

Made without synthetic additives, artificial preservatives, fluoride (a key ingredient in most toothpastes), parabens and more undesirable ingredients, Carbon6Lab’s version is quite possibly the healthiest cleaning formulation you can use in your mouth. With the help of activated charcoal, “the result is a highly adsorbent agent with millions of tiny pores that capture, bind, and remove poisons, heavy metals, chemicals, and intestinal gases which have thousands of times more weight than the charcoal itself,” according to the brand.

It even works hard to whiten teeth by adsorbing plaque and other components that stain smiles — adsorption being the keyword here (versus absorption), which is the adhesion of a thin layer of molecules to the surface of solid bodies or liquids with which they are in contact.

If all of this sounds too technical, read on to find out more about the brand founders, how the product came about and why you need to add it to your beauty routine now.

“We dissected what synthetic ingredients do in standard toothpastes, and found natural ingredients that fill those functions, and more.”

Carbon6lab activated charcoal toothpaste

Carbon6Lab’s toothpaste is an all-natural with no synthetic additives, fluoride, preservatives or parabens

Of all the activated charcoal oral products in the market, we were intrigued by Carbon6Lab’s method of incorporating natural ingredients into an oral care essential. How did you both meet and how did the brand’s signature toothpaste come about?

Dr Martin Giniger: Jonathon grew up with a mostly naturopath/homeopathic lifestyle thanks to his mother’s dedication to health and wellness. Following that path, he discovered activated charcoal and its incredible properties some years ago. This interest led to Jonathon playing around with it — creating his own wellness detox shots, skincare masks and then using it for oral health with homemade tooth polishes.

We met at a charity event in Los Angeles. We hit it off, and Jonathon mentioned an idea that he had for a toothpaste that utilised activated charcoal.

We started developing what became Carbon6Lab toothpaste almost immediately. We dissected what synthetic ingredients do in standard toothpastes, and found natural ingredients that fill those functions, and more.

What are the ingredients used in Carbon 6 Lab’s toothpaste?

In addition to the activated charcoal, Carbon6Lab ingredients include oral probiotics, oregano oil, Irish moss, xylitol, tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, and more. While these ingredients are full of flavour, each one has specific properties to enhance oral hygiene.

“Activated charcoal absorbs more odours and toxins, it is less abrasive, and whitens teeth.”

What impact does it have on our bodies when one’s oral hygiene isn’t good?

Oral health is crucial to overall health. When the mouth isn’t clean, it can wreak havoc on other organs and eventually make the body very sick and diseased. We came to the conclusion that we at Carbon6Lab believe in ‘The Art of a Beautiful Smile’. Most people lead with their smile, and first impressions in this world are imperative. So we wanted to develop and deliver the pinnacle of pastes to the market to announce who we are, what we believe in and who we will become as a brand, company and health advocate.

Carbon 6 Lab tube

According to the brand, using the paste will “rocket your oral health into a realm of pure perfection”

When shopping for activated charcoal, what are some features one should look out for to ensure good quality?

It’s all in the ingredients. There are numerous chemical compounds that are in many beauty and oral care products that really should not be in there. Toothpaste is expensive to produce in a natural form, therefore big corporate conglomerates and even new brands concerned with just cashing in on a “trend” see more of an advantage in making low cost products lacking in actual potency.

When it comes to choosing the best activated charcoal product — especially when it comes to a toothpaste — the best option is one that is natural, and without cheap chemical fillers.

Carbon 6 toothpaste

What would you say to naysayers who don’t feel that activated charcoal is a powerful enough whitening agent?

The initial idea was to make the best possible all-natural toothpaste on the market tailored to a homeopathic lifestyle. A product that was dynamic, out of the box, beautiful and of high quality. Baking soda based toothpaste is popular, but activated charcoal works in the same way, except it’s much better. Activated charcoal absorbs more odours and toxins, it is less abrasive, and whitens teeth. So, it whitens better, and has a host of wellness properties that make it the perfect choice.

Before deciding on the final list of ingredients, what were some of the difficulties you came across?

Working together, we discussed what “the typical elements” of a standard toothpaste are. Jonathon then researched what those ingredients did and located all-natural ingredients that did the same thing.

We wanted to make a product that was truly natural and actually healthy. Every ingredient was given careful consideration both from a manufacturing standpoint, but also from a health standpoint. Each ingredient was specially chosen to meet all of our objectives. Yes, there was a learning curve, because we were using a combination of ingredients that no one has ever used before in a toothpaste.

Dr Martin Giniger: Unlike other products thickened with silica and artificial thickeners, we use only natural clays and charcoal to thicken the product. That was a big challenge for us, and part of why we feel like this is a very special product. Materials sourcing came from my 30 years of experience working in the field of oral care product development. Also, constant research on the latest health and clean beauty products, trends and ingredients is part of our daily work habits while expanding the brand.

How does the strain of oral probiotics (S. Salivarius K12) work to balance and restore the bacterial flora in one’s mouth and throat?

Salivarius K12 is a probiotic that has the ability to fight infections and regulate inflammation. It produces two significantly powerful proteins: the bacteriostatic peptide Salivaricin A, and bactericidal peptide Salivaricin B. Studies show Salivaricin A and Salivaricin B attacking invasive bacteria by colonising in the oral cavity.

“When the mouth isn’t clean, it can wreak havoc on other organs and eventually make the body very sick and diseased.”

Charcoal toothpaste smear

Carbon6Lab’s toothpaste is more liquid in nature than conventional pastes, but is therefore more penetrative

Are there any effects one should look out for, and how often do you suggest the product is used?

There are many benefits to using this paste. If used regularly (two to three times daily), you’ll see a decrease in inflammation or redness of the gums; whitening of the teeth; complete elimination of bad breath and the bacteria it is caused by, and general overall oral health. This is a great paste for coffee and red wine drinkers to use to combat staining and maintain a beautiful smile.

How do you envision the oral care industry evolving in the near future, and what are the changes you hope to see?

We can only speak for ourselves! In the future we intend to manufacture and market a complete line of homeopathic, natural activated charcoal products including a mouthwash, toothbrush, floss and teeth whitening products. From there, we will move on to other health, beauty and lifestyle products — all containing activated charcoal with the same aesthetic and clean simplicity.

What does conscious living mean to you?

This means many things, but when it comes to a product we use in or on our body, conscious living simply means knowing what you are putting in your mouth, on your skin, and in and on your hair. There are so many chemical products that do more harm than good, but access to these products is so easy. So, conscious living means to research and look beyond what is presented first. Dig deep and live healthy! Discover a product that works for you.

C6L activated charcoal

Images courtesy of Carbon6Lab