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Holly Spierings of Eye of Horus

The goddess of ancient Egyptian beauty on why eyes are the focal point of the brand’s signature look, the safe iron oxides used in lipsticks and the four ingredients that enable an eye product to stay smudge-proof and waterproof.

Kat Burki of Kat Burki Beauty

The raw beauty evangelist on pioneering formulating technologies that other conscious brands have followed, what happens when you skip skincare and if there’s such a thing as applying too much product.

Alexandra Soveral of Soveral

The facialist on the correct way to use marble facial stones, how to further enhance the potency of essential oils and why “all-natural” is not always the right approach.

Diana Saltoun Goltsman of nūdus

The lipstick lover on crafting the best version of her favourite makeup essential, the three steps to caring for our lips and the six ingredients to avoid when buying lip products.