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Blotting Papers — 4 Ways to Use These Oil Absorbent Sheets

These facial blotters deserve their own step in your skincare routine.

There’s something inexplicably gratifying about using blotting papers, and glimpsing the grease stains each and every time you pull a sheet away from your face. After getting over the initial shock of your oily mug, a vague sense of relief always follows; of knowledge that these super-soakers are working hard to mattify your mien.

Just for the record, we know how easy — and quick — it is to go through a pack of these papers. We don’t recommend plucking out a sheet every time you feel sticky either. If you have compulsively oily skin, using oil-controlling skincare and makeup products are smart long-term remedies. Essentially, we look to blotting sheets as a quick fix, on the go solution for eliminating unwanted shine.

The first and most basic use of these beauty papers is to wick away excess oil. Of course, there’s a healthy amount of oil your skin needs to stay moisturised, but an overproduction of surface sebum can clog pores and cause acne. Dabbing one or two sheets over your face — starting from the T-zone and getting right into the crevices on the sides of your nose or at your chin — will pick up that extra unwanted layer of shine while leaving your skin dewy.

The second reason is related to the first. You may have heard that blotting papers are a good powder alternative. That’s because absorbing the oils and emollients on your complexion and prepping your skin as a base before applying pigments helps to prolong the longevity of makeup wear. Doing so also prevents contamination of your makeup applicators. Of course, you can always reach for your powder case but remember that if you’re standing under unflattering lighting or in the sun, unsightly particles may be spotted by bystanders. Using a beauty sheet after powdering can help prevent oxidation too.

Thirdly, it’s wise to run a few sheets over your face, neck and décolletage before applying tanning products. Similar to putting on makeup, picking up any traces of oils on your skin surface allows for a more even coverage and colour development.

Lastly, contrary to popular belief, blotting papers aren’t just for your face. If you have an oily scalp or bangs that get a little (ahem) damp over the course of the day, it will do you good to rub a sheet on and around your roots and strands. This would help keep your hair from falling flat.

Above all, blotting papers are made for your convenience. Using a facial cleanser mid-day to reset your skin means reapplying sunscreen and makeup. Wet wipes involve a certain amount of scrubbing and tugging, and alcohol-based ones tend to strip the skin.

For the biggest (in size) and best all-natural, high-grade option we’ve had the pleasure of using, shop here. They happen to be biodegradable, too.

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