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Beatrice Feliu-Espada of The Honey Pot Company

The feminine care whisperer on creating washes and wipes that support the healing process of vaginal infections and why men should use her products.

You’d think we would have thought about this sooner. But about a month ago, when we were at the pharmacy looking to replenish our feminine wash, it suddenly hit us that there were no clean alternatives to the usual suspects we saw on the shelves. Almost immediately, we went looking for one. That’s how we discovered The Honey Pot Company and reached out to its founder, Beatrice Feliu-Espada.

Offering ‘plant-based feminine care’, Honey Pot sells feminine washes, wipes, pantyliners and pads — as well as a special range for those who are sensitive to new beauty products. There’s even a range of washes for pregnant or new mothers — made without lavender (find out the reason why below!).

So how did The Honey Pot Company come about? Initially, Beatrice was spurred on to find natural ways to treat the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis after suffering from it for seven months. Trying every remedy she could without success, Beatrice decided to create a medicine for herself with healthful ingredients that she used singularly.

Since its launch in 2014, the company has grown from strength to strength as more women turn to natural, plant-based solutions. In 2016, Target approached Beatrice to stock her products in their stories. And the glowing customer reviews speak for themselves. Besides being

Beatrice of The Honey Pot Co

Beatrice Feliu-Espada

paraben- and sulphate-free — instead, coconut oil soap is infused in the blends to enable the washes to lather up — her products are also fragrance-free. The feminine washes are also gynaecologist-approved, clinically tested and pH balanced.

This is “the future of feminine care”.

From bacteria infections to UTIs, how have your products helped you and your customers prevent the occurrence or curb the frequency of these issues?

Well, this is not an easy question to answer as I cannot make the claim in writing that my products can prevent or cure any type of infection or UTI. However, the ingredients have been known to help with certain symptoms.

What makes Honey Pot Feminine Care so powerful is its ingredient blend. We use ingredients like garlic for its yeast killing properties, and apple cider vinegar for its acidic properties. The grapefruit seed extract is also really powerful against bacteria.

Using our products daily can be comparative to eating veggies daily to keep you healthy. My experience with my customers has been amazing. We could not be where we are if our customers did not see results. My goal is just to make products that are effective and work.

Your panty liners and pads are manufactured with chlorine- and pesticide-free cotton, and essential oils. How are these qualities and materials beneficial to one’s skin, hygiene and overall health?

A lot of the issues that arise from using conventional pads stem from the processing of the cotton before it is turned into a pad. So my initial goal was to start off with clean cotton that has not been heavily processed with chlorine, pesticides and other types of artificial fragrances and polyethylenes. These are the benefits for each ingredient:

Rose: Improves circulation and relieves pain;

Aloe: Anti-inflammatory, relieves itchiness and moisturises;

Mint: Refreshing, anti-microbial and relieves pain or tension;

Lavender: Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and helps to relieve dermatitis symptoms;

Houttuynia: Anti-microbial, anti-viral and improves urinary flow.

Pantyliners The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot Company’s herbal menstrual pads are made with chlorine- and pesticide-free cotton

We encourage your stand on encouraging one’s body to naturally heal itself — without the need for antibiotics or medicines. How did you come to this belief and why has it remained important to you?

I most definitely believe that the body can heal itself, but I also believe that when the body needs assistance, we should give it what it needs. It’s like when you have a cold, it’s good to eat garlic, eat vitamin C-rich plants, and maybe pop a probiotic or two. I also believe in going to see your OBGYN. Because doctors are going to see things that are not necessarily seen by the naked eye. In other words, I believe in Eastern and Western medicine when appropriate.

How did you formulate your feminine washes, and what are the key ingredients you’ve used to make them effective?

I formulated the washes through constant research. In the beginning, I used a lot of the ingredients in Honey Pot Feminine Care singularly as I was attempting to treat the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. The key ingredients in Honey Pot washes are coconut oil, lavender water, rosewater, garlic, apple cider vinegar and grapefruit seed extract. Each of these ingredients have a medicinal purpose and they were chosen specifically for their benefits to vaginal health.

Besides using washes and wipes, what can we do to keep the pH levels of our intimate areas balanced?

Be sure to drink a good amount of water daily, don’t use wash cloths in the shower, wipe front to back to not introduce harmful bacteria inside the vagina, avoid eating too much sugar, and try not to include too much bread in your diet.

Can men use the washes and wipes?

Yes, they can! Honey Pot are gorgeous products for men and women. I actually recommend them for people in relationships.

“The key ingredients in Honey Pot washes are coconut oil, lavender water, rosewater, garlic, apple cider vinegar and grapefruit seed extract. Each have a medicinal purpose and were chosen specifically for their benefits to vaginal health.”

Feminine wipes The Honey Pot

These ‘Normal’ range feminine wipes are made with sustainable, chlorine- and pesticide free rainforest alliance rayon, antioxidants and probiotics

Your Mommy-to-Be washes are deliberately absent of lavender. Why?

Lavender is actually an oil inside of an essential oil blend that induces labour. The lavender in the blend is likely there to help calm the mommy-to-be down, but pregnant women still have to be very careful as everything that touches the skin goes inside the body. I just wanted to make the best product for pregnant women because there just really isn’t anything out there for them.

How did you get involved with the AFRIpads Foundation, and how has your involvement impacted you personally?

I got involved with AFRIpads simply by just looking for companies to get involved with. There are so many out there but I really loved the authenticity of AfriPads’. I loved that a small amount of money could sponsor a young girl and educate her for the rest of her life. I loved the simplicity of their organisation and how effective they have been in all of the regions of Africa they are expanding into. I also loved the passion of the founders that they just went after a need; and that they are creating ripples in the cause of making sure feminine care is respected throughout the world.

What does conscious living mean to you?

Conscious living is being intentional about your life. It’s respecting what the universe gives to you and not taking anything for granted. It’s so important to know that no matter what, we are lucky to be a part of this existence called life. It’s so important to know that we can make it anything we want to make it.

Images courtesy of The Honey Pot