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Angela Shore of Jiva-Apoha

The holistic healer on the number one essential oil and how self-healing cured her of a peach-sized ovarian cyst.

Jiva-Apoha is one of the most interesting brands we’ve come across. Founded by Angela Shore, a modern day medicine woman and rocker at heart, Jiva-apoha is Sanskrit for ‘soul-healing’ and blends Ayurveda and shamanism in its signature essential oil offerings.

“We want our oils to move you,” says Angela. And inspire us, they do. Composed of sustainably sourced, premium grade plant-based ingredients — along with her experience in shamanic healing and Ayurveda — the final fusion of base and essential oils in Jiva-Apoha’s creations are wildly magical. To boot, Angela counts every drop per bottle during the formulation process before blessing each bottle with a smudge and prayer, polishing them with Indian temple towels before they are sent out. The entire affair is meticulous, her dedication and intentions extraordinary. 

If Jiva-Apoha seems too New-Agey for you, know that Angela herself is aware of this perception. But in the spirit of letting go, she made the conscious choice to combine her passions for the good of others, to learn and know more, and ultimately to find a balance in her life that most of us often fear searching for and, ultimately, go without.

Before launching Jiva-Apoha, Angela began her career in hospitality and then as a representative for fashion photographers. Constantly on the move, life and work with all its demands and pressures eventually led Angela to hit rock bottom. Craving reinvention and soul-searching, Angela went under the tutelage of a master healer for over 15 years and studied at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy in New York and School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in India to learn about healing in the most natural, organic manner for the benefit of skin, soul and chakras.

Her journey is exceptional, as is the person she has become. Mystical, with a little bit of rock and roll, her mission is honest-to-goodness. 

“The first step was weeding out the medicine cabinet of all products that had any GMOs and chemical ingredients. It was a great way to let go and to think about a new kind of health.”

How do you suggest we instil clarity into our minds and bodies? 

Through the years, through lots of studies and testing, I have tested over and over on myself to see what the results feel like on a daily level. I was a believer long ago but it changed how I felt over time. My clarity became sharper, I had more energy, and my habits became good ones. Hours on within, I began my spiritual practice working hand in hand and the energy ultimately guided me.

The first step was weeding out the medicine cabinet of all products that had any GMOs and chemical ingredients. My bathroom was bare after doing this. It was a great way to let go and to think about a new kind of health. I’m now approaching 17 years with using only all natural and organic oils. They are very much alive and the results are incredible with healing all skin elements, whether it’s scar tissue or simply keeping the skin well moisturised. Skin love = Self-love.

Jiva-Apoha’s creations centre around plant and essential oils. How did you learn of their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual capabilities?   

Both have existed and been practiced for thousands of years. I gravitated to both in my own healing, which ultimately brought me to a happier place. I realised that there are no rules with blending healing work. It became a personal passion to share.

One of Jiva-Apoha’s missions is to combine Ayurvedic practices and shamanism. Can you tell us about Ayurveda and shamanism, and how they work well together? 

You must make it a daily practice. A daily body ritual. Reprogram the mind in doing.

Two of Jiva-Apoha’s signature oils are Mysore sandalwood and Indian Pink Rose. Why do you love them?

These are two key essentials in Jiva’s AMMA Body Oil and in our Sundara Beauty Face Oil. Mysore sandalwood is a staple within the brand. It’s top premium Indian sandalwood and it’s rich, silky and smooth — unlike any other sandalwood that I’ve ever experienced. If I could live with one essential, this would be it. They are both soft and not overpowering — a perfect balance in complementing and great for calming the skin!

How do you formulate your blends?

Each blend is created through journeywork and in Spirit. There is storytelling behind each oil and blend.

Jiva Apoha for Apres Avant

“All of our ingredients are cruelty-free, organic or wildcrafted, Ayurvedic-minded and healthy for every aspect of you,” says Angela

Which oils would you recommend for those who have a) gut health problems, b) anxiety, c) depression and d) sleeping problems, and how to use each blend?

a. Parutka;
b. Atman;
c. Sukhin;
d. Baby Jiva.

Use them all after your bath or shower for the best results. Apply a little extra on the bottom of your feet.

Tell us about the blessing rituals you practice on each bottle of oil before they are shipped out.

It’s a deep meditation in the making and blending. All bottles are smudged after they are fully wrapped. It’s like a private blessing.

You once had an ovarian cyst that went away after a year — something you attribute greatly to self-healing. Can you tell us more about this experience?

It was pure discipline to heal with great help in doing. I was on Chinese herbs for months which took me some time to like the taste within cooking; acupuncture twice a week which I had a fear of needles, and deep energy work. I began a new path in trusting the Power of. Removing old blocks. We need modern medicine too but I just gave in completely to Eastern philosophy. I believe in Balance.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt from your mentor, Terra Tirapelli?

To respect self, Creator, and Mother Earth.

What are some ways one can switch to a more conscious, balanced lifestyle?

Sleep at least eight hours. Have a good diet and drink lots of water. Exercise and meditate.

What does conscious living mean to you? 

Being present and loving what you do.

“Skin love = Self-love.”

Images courtesy of Jiva-Apoha; Martin Sobey