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Après Avant (‘ah-preh ah-vahnt’) is an editorial and e-commerce website dedicated to conscious living. From beauty to nutrition, wellness to psychology, the site offers a cherry-picked curation of content and products. Our philosophy is to exercise wholesome daily choices with mindfulness.

The name ‘Après Avant’ literally means ‘after before’. It stands for what you do after the fact and before you act in all things, and all aspects of your life. We like its whimsical contrast, too.

We know that replacing your favourite creams with cleaner versions, or adopting green eating habits can be a daunting and confusing experience. But the tide is turning and we’re delighted to see that holistic, healthy living is the new normal. At Après Avant, we want to provide you with the information you need to make decisions that support your well-being. From tip to toe; from the inside out; and for body, skin and psyche.

We believe that the élan vital (‘ey-lahn vee-tal’) of every person should be curious, open-minded and pure. We believe in doing good by ourselves and the environment. And we will never recommend something we don’t personally love, or advocate based on trend waves or buzzwords.

Après Avant is based in Singapore, with dreams of going global.



Step into the world of conscious living.

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