Original Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers


30 sheets

Fragrance-free. Powder-free. Oil-free. All-natural. Biodegradable. No animal testing. Handmade in Japan. 

With her flawless porcelain skin, geisha have endured as the epitome of Japanese beauty for over 400 years. The secret to her allure? Handmade gold-flecked oil removal papers known as aburatorigami.

Created as a by-product of the gold leaf making alchemy a millennium ago in Kyoto, artisans used abaca leaf paper to protect the metal as it was vigorously hammered into delicate, thin sheets — which were then used to gild majestic pavilions and shrines across Japan. Despite the intensive labour, the fibrous papers left the craftsmen’s hands feeling smooth and soft. Subsequently, aburatorigami were given to geisha and kabuki actors to use in between performances to wick away excess oil and sweat, and improve makeup wear.

Made entirely from the finest grade of abaca leaf with a smattering of gold flakes, these sheets are suitable for all skin types.

As opposed to regular drugstore versions, these papers are about twice the size and absent of harmful ingredients like mineral oil and polypropylene, and are free of powder and fragrance — proving that the benefits of ancient aburatorigami remain unsurpassed to this day.

In the spirit of kabuki actors and geisha, pat where necessary in a light-handed manner, starting from the T-zone. You can even run them over an oily scalp or hairline. Use both sides then dispose.

Aburatorigami can be composted and degraded naturally back into the earth’s soil after use, which means there’s no environmental footprint from using these papers.

100% abaca leaf and real gold flakes.