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We are Singapore’s conscious beauty and living destination ♡

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We are devoted to conscious living. That means we’re interested in how you go about your every day in ways that work towards a wholesome, healthful existence.

This could be learning what your favourite beauty items’ ingredients actually do for you.  Redirecting your brain’s pathways to a positive place when you’re feeling stressed or sad. Discovering a new workout you never knew you’d like. Or finding healthy ways to curb sugar and carb cravings.

‘Après Avant’ literally translates to ‘after before’ and stands for what you do after the fact and before you act in all things, and all aspects of your life.

Above all, we believe that your life is your own — and it’s already a great one. We just hope to make it better. To guide you to knowing what fulfils you and help you go about a happier way.

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